Tuesday, February 19, 2013

He's No Underdog in my book..

Leave it to the collectors world to deliver the goods to an 11 year old who will have one less thing to do when the USPS stops Saturday deliveries.
Zach who from what I have read in other posts seems to be  making a comeback of sorts into this world of cardboard , has a blog HERE  , recently posted his loot from a jumbo box break of 2013 Topps.
1 of his Hits was this

Seeing that , I had to ask him if it was up for trade.Long story short , when he found out it was for my son Kyle , he more than graciously gave the go-ahead on a trade. I purposely left Kyle out of the loop on this and the day it arrived , I recieved a text stating ( he sent a pic as well ) " Look at this awesomeness "
Yeah I knew it was awesome , and more importantly my hat is off to Zach for making this happen.

In other news , I am in week 3 of the Kitchen gutt / makeover hell. I work 3pm - 2am Mon thru Thurs , and my F-in law is in the driveway around 8:30am everyday..Yes , everyday. He did let me sleep in on sunday but it seems like this will never end. We are doing it all mostly ourselves. We managed to finish the cainets and cupboards ( minus the sink cabinet , tomorrow it will be done ) so just when you see some light , you see the work on the outskirts of the kitchen that need tending to at some point as well.. But I know 1 day I will be done..I hope..

Thanks again Zach..Your return is still being put together and I will have it out by Saturday..