Friday, February 28, 2014

Back in The Game

Well at least it feels like it. I ordered aa all in one printer , scanner , etc... from WalMart and despite not receiving my customary email from them telling me that it was ready for pick up I went anyways.You see I also get a tracking number from Fed Ex so I knew that it was at the store 4 days ago.But I followed the rules and waited.Until today.I went in without said email and asked nicely for it.And now it is mine.
This is a big step for me as far as technology , as JediJeff will attest to , I am way behind in the Cellular Dept.

I am looking to get a post a week in  and hope to accomplish this. Kyle and I have a lot of cards to post for trade bait and just cards in general to send to a new home.

So as a test I decided to give a update on my YO ! rainbow quest- Forgot to add the emerald i have

As you can see , I have some tweaking to learn..When I saw the scan , I freaked out because I did not know I had a Black border..well , yeah , I don't..As most know , the base chrome turned black.
( still needed Hint..Hint..) I was able to get the Orange and purple for cheap on Sportlots along with
 Miguel Sano and Byron Buxtons. With those two headed for Minnesota I'm hoping they start In AAA Rochester so I have a chance to see them..

Trimming of the scan or scan size? guess i need to look into that too..

Well here's to a new start on blogging , Have a great weekend..

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Guilty as charged

So i thought this blogging thing was going to be easy. Well as you can tell , I am struggling beyond hope. What I am grateful for is the blogroll that i have, all of those greats who keep me entertained daily , is something I've come to do sometimes hourly.
So i have purchased something that i hope will help in my situation.. SCANNER....Yep , Jedi will be on the fence on this as he is one who has to deal with my non smart phone with a keyboard that well , kinda spells how it wants.
I have received some great cards from a whole bunch of bloggers and i even made my first Sportlots purchases..
So hang in there ( if you still are here ) I promise to go from quarterly posts to hopefully , just maybe , 1 a week...That would be nice.
Keep up the great blogging and Jedi , sorry about the phone..