Thursday, July 2, 2015

A call for cardboard

Masters of the Blogosphere , I am seeking donations for 2 kids who are into cards.What kind you ask , well let me give you some of the back story..
Owen ( 8 years old ) just wrapped up his Baseball season which my daughter was on his team and I was a coach. Through conversation , i have found the outfield is usually the spot for this , Owen told me how he goes to the same card show that kyle and I attend.He also spoke about his brother Liam ( 10 years old ) who collects.He mentioned his brother also is sick and that he likes most of all , opening cards with his brother.After speaking with his father , he told me Liam has Type 1 diabetes.I don't know much other than that but after running this idea by 2x3 Heroes JediJeff , it was a no brainer.I spoke to the father at the next game and explained what kind of blog world we have here and that I would ask you guys to do what you do best.He was on board and gave me the address for anyone who would like to send unwanted cards.
Owen , his favorite team is the Blue Jays , Hmmm $30 a week , his fav player is Jose Bautista.
Liam , Red Sox with Dustin Pedroia .

They are into basically any cards.Baseball , Football , Basketball and movie cards.

Thanks for any help with this , feel free to spread the word or if you have been given the address , give it to someone you trust.
Please email me at
Thats 2 zeroes..

for the address...

Thank you..


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  1. Sent you an email...need your address to send some cards...