Monday, October 8, 2012

TTM received from a Dolphin

The Miami Dolphins , my team since I can remember. The pain and heartache of being a Dolphin fan.I'm sure that their are others with me either by themselves being a Dolphin fan or that their team had given them the same treatment.

As a father , I thought it was my right to pass my team along to him. He was going to be a " Dolphan " with me. No longer alone in this part of western New York known as Bills Country. think about it , All those years with Jim Kelly and Co. mopping the floors with us , having to live within the walls of all these fans. Mostly " fair weather " fans ( who were the worst ) but i knew someday i would have back-up..

Well , unfortunately , his godfather  got a hold of him and laid the foundation of another Bills fan and my sense of someday having a partner was quashed. He is a Bills fan.

I have come to terms with Benedict Arnold , I mean Kyle , and we coexist as best we can. He may only be 10 years old but it can get crazy. Crazy enough to where a dad would take him to training camp to see his beloved Bills. To buy him tickets to meet his Bills. I never would have thought I would do anything "Pro" Buffalo but the smile I get to see on his face just kinda makes me forget they are the enemy.

So I rambled for a minute , i apologize , but to set this up i thought that needed to be out there. Kyle and I TTM players on occasion and for as many Bills he has written , Jim Kelly and Steve Tasker has been his only returns. My Dolphins are very well at TTM and I think Kyle figured that out. He wrote Daniel Thomas a letter and enclosed a card. It is going to be difficult to read but hopefully you can see the gist of his letter to him.

Well , I am not even sure I mailed this for him , but the return really put a smile on the entire family's face.

He was so proud to show this off ( as well as his dad ) I laminated it to hopefully keep this in shape so that 1 day he can show his kids who hopefully become Dolphin fans like their Grandpa..But that is WAAAAAYY , down the road..