Saturday, November 23, 2013

YO !!

Admittedly I still throw around some Yo's. At work , at home , its a 2 letter word that has stuck with me. Dude is another one but that's irrelevant here today.

I have no idea why but i have decided to try and complete a rainbow of none other than

I happened to catch a Brewers game on Fox , while the Mets were in rain delay , and Yo was pitching..He was rockin the Abe facial which was something I was doing.Not as good as the originator or the pitcher but I was trying.
Then Kyle and I busted a blaster of chrome to which his base was inside.Nice card was my first reaction. Then came the card show where I picked up this Blue sparkly of a gem. Maybe it just reminds me of my hope of any retirement
The moment where time stops to get action and ball is a great sight. 

So if anyone out there has any extra Yovanis' with colors , specifically 2013 , drop me a line.Not sure what I have but I'm sure we can work something out.

And if you are checking your stash , I'm also looking for any Wilmer Flores...


Friday, November 8, 2013

The wait is Over

Wilmer Flores has been in my sights for a few years now.I spoke of on an earlier post that when in Binghamton , NY for training , I went to see the B Mets Vs the Bowie Baysox. Machado vs Flores. Since then , I made it a priority to get what cards I could of both of them. I was able to load up on the Machados' but for some reason , the Flores auto card was way out of reach. I watched Ebay for months and the card was anywhere from $35- $80 bucks. It didn't help when he was called up to the Mets to help out when David Wright got hurt. But recently , Some cards have fallen to the $5 start price and well , the wait was long enough.

I was so dialed in on this card that i did not notice that another same card but with Lord Becketts seal and grade ( BIN $6 ) was right there for the taking. I ended up with this one for $13 and change. Right about the same price as my

Now my only needs are variations , sp's and relics. So , if any are out there looking for a good home , feel free to comment and maybe we can work something out.


Sunday, November 3, 2013


Ok , I am way ahead of myself. Let me go back to mid summer when as I posted that The Rochester Red Wings ( who unvieled an updated logo on Friday ) were to have a several former players and HoF's in town to sign.

One of those being Gaylord Perry.I had a stretch run going and was burnt out come the monday Mr. Perry was to be here.I had to work and as much as I wanted to shoot over and get a ball signed , I didn't.I was tired of the lines and hearing of the stories of a Grumpy Perry , maybe I didnt want to believe it or just didnt want to deal with it.Until yesterday.

A local car dealer in town has a yearly thing going ( which i never knew until recently ) where he brings in a former Yankee for a free signing.Guess who it was. Yes Gaylord Perry would be in rochester for a 2nd time.So Kyle and I went.The line was maybe 20 deep when we got there.It started at 12 and we arrived about 12:30.As I watched Perry sign , He looked as though he was signing his life away.No smiles , not very warm at all.Now as much as he is here to do this , I feel guilty because i am here to make him do this.But as the line moved , i saw him signing 5-10 items per person at least. I'm thinking maybe he is getting upset thinking the people are taking advantage of this.
So we are up next , I am going to say hello and thank him ( this is in my head ) when I hear the guy in front of me ask for an inscription , "Could you add SPITBALL?"
I immediately went "WHAT" Did he just insult this guy? I imagined Mr Perry standing up and proclaiming this signing over..But all he said was " I don't know anything about spitballs."

Kyle and I stepped forward and he signed kyles mural of Yankee uni's and took my ball and wrote his name on it.I thanked him and rode off in the sunset.

All I could think about is why is this guy so grumpy? Does he not like to do this? Then why does he subject himself? Is it that he gets annoyed at the collector who has 15 cards , a poster and a ball or two to have him sign?
In all , I am thankful for Mr. Perry to do this and glad to have another HoF ball on the shelf.

In ending , I wish to Thank all the bloggers for giving me daily reading and a special thanks to Jeff at 2x3 for the endless cards that arrive here.I only wish our camera was still working so I could show the awesome that comes.

Friday, August 30, 2013

My summer so far , baseball , baseball and you guessed it..

Baseball has been the thing around here this summer.In one of my earlier posts this year , I laid out who was going to be in Rochester to sign auto's @ the AAA Red Wings games. Well working nights at the time was going to make this a tricky quest to do but never the less , My employer cut the night shift and I was moved to days.Ok , so now it gets easier.
At least thats what I thought , Kyle who usually plays baseball in a house league which runs till the end of june , was asked to play on an all star team.This would last until mid July. Another previous coach of kyles , run a traveling team and asked if he could play a weekend tournament just outside of Buffalo to which we agreed to do.And finally , his house coach called only to have him play in another tournament the weekend after..So July was swamped with Baseball..

The Red Wings announced Rod Carew , Andre Reed ( Buffalo Bills (BLAH)) , Fergie Jenkins , Gaylord Perry and Lee Smith for starters as to who was coming. Well , I stood in line ( with 2 kids (never again)) for 2 1/2 hrs before the gates opened to get a good spot , short of the long I ended up with this..(picture taken from google )
Kyle had him sign his 2013 Chasing History Gold card.Turned out very nice.

Fergie was up next  ( at a later date ) but cancelled due to a medical procedure we were told.But had a "fill in " and Kyle was very anxious about this guy..Doc Gooden..
This go around , I got to the gates 2 hours before opening with the plan to have kids dropped off just before gates opened.Worked great.The Red wings Photographer had his eye on my daughter Chloe so with my camera broken (on kyles 2nd trip to NYC to see his Yankees ) Iwas happy to get these pictures.

I skipped on Gaylord Perry , between the Carew and Gooden waiting in line , I was not in the mood for it.
Lastly is Lee Smith. I must say , this guy is bigger in life.true gentleman ( they all were ) but he seemed alot more fan friendly.Again I lucked out , the Red Wings photographer got this.
Kyle and his buddy getting their card signed. I had a ball signed for our collection.

All in all , this has been a crazy summer with all that's gone on.I didn't post but I do have my daily reading of all the great blogs in this community for which I thank you guys. I also have had some life issues and a special thanks to JediJeff .With everything going on in his world , he manages to take the time to check in with me.
I can only hope this entry is a start of more , with the baseball season done and school starting , i can only hope..Thanks for reading..

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

My Quarterly Post

It seems as though I am now treating this as my " step " child.I wont bore you with details but what I do want to do is Thank those of you who have sent Kyle cards. Jeff who writes at 2x3 Heroes has been overly gracious with this and although my game plan this weekend failed due to a certain 2nd baseman , who is down in AAA on rehab , failed to make himself available , forced me to a back up plan to be put into effect later.Anyways ,

Kyle finally got in to do what he loves most ,

Coach put him in with a 6-0 lead and well the jitters came into play and he ended up getting out of the inning with the score 6-5. We have been concentrating on his batting so much , we forgot to put in some throwing time.

Our first game at the ballpark came and was it a special one. The 2013 Pepsi Max field of Dreams was in town ( If you want more info here's a link ). 2 contest winners were to go against each other with help from some HoF'rs and their family / friends.
The AL had Frank Thomas , Wade Boggs , Reggie Jackson , Pedro Martinez and Rickey Henderson.
The NL had Johnny Bench , Trevor Hoffman , Ozzie Smith , Mike Schmidt  and Fred McGriff. The game was exibition at best , it was hard to watch some of those guys try to get to first. Bench was more a cheerleader but it was what I expected and we had a great time.Kyle was his usual self and came away with these.

On another note , Kyles Grandmother brought this home for him from spring training

Yep , 1 of the guys who was just here , The " Crime Dog " Fred McGriff..

I will leave you now with whatever pictures I can fit here from the game. Thanks for reading and again Thanks for Kyles PWE's..

                                 Wade and Mr Baseball ( Rochesters version ) Joe Altobelli
                                                                           Crime Dog
                                            Reggie spent his birthday here with Rochester
                                                                           Big Hurt
                                                             Schmidt and Wade
                                    Schmidt was hiding the ball hoping to get Wade of the base.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Time , where does it go?

First off , a Thank you to The Diamond King for his envelope to Kyle. My only regret to these acts of kindness is that I am way behind the times. I wish I could take pictures and post them from all who has sent to him but by the time I get home they are put away and I am busy the next with " Kitchen Shrapnel " as I like to call it. This consists of the rooms connecting to the kitchen that was just remodeled.Any ways ,
my previous post which didn't get posted as the author thought was just posted.
I am headed down a path that is going to have big changes soon , i dont want to put anything out there , but know that i check out blogs atleast 1 or twice a day. you guys keep me going ( and the kitchen not so much ) so thanks for that. Kyle has started baseball and his arm is looking real good.I am glad he did the spring training warm up to shake off the rust.
As far as cards , I 've been noticing alot of great hits and cards being posted. That makes for happy bloggers and great posts for sure.

Until next time ,

No Kate Upton here but it's still worth a read.

I am beginning to think that Kate Upton is becoming the new "PWE BOMB ". I'm reading these blogs and BOOM...There she is..Hmmmmmm...Dreamy......I had a comment for Jeff @ 2x3 Heroes about , yeah , can't remember now.She was at the bottom.Anyways ,

Kyle had an opportunity to have some Grandma & Grandpa time.This time was a week in NYC.Heres the highlight of the trip.

 Welcome to Yankee Stadium..
 This is Thurman Munsons locker. Left untouched after he past..

In all , he had a great time.Alot of food and fun.They crossed the Brooklyn bridge , saw all of the sights ( 911 memorial , Statue of Liberty , Went to the top of the Empire State building and Times Square)

When he returned , he had PWE's from Jim @ GCRL and Nick @ DimeBoxes. Thanks so much for the kindness .

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

The Chronicles of FUJI has a question..and a contest

The great Fuji is having a contest and you can get in on it here .All you have to do is answer his question , Vintage ,  oddballs or ??

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Calling All Twins fans..

Ok Twinkies , How that nickname stuck , I have no idea , here's the deal, I live in Rochester , NY ,yeah I know but your AAA team is here so gimme a break ( Man that has got to be a grammatical error , look at all those commas') And I happen to go to some games so here's  a chance to put your name in the comment box and get some free swag. ( finally a period )

I cant say what will or whom will sign it but rest assured , it will be a Twins minor leaguer. 1st pitch is 9 days away but this will give me time to get some ideas as to who and what.

If  you have something you would like signed , I can try that too. Just leave a comment as to your interest and if you have questions , feel free to email me

Otherwise , just leave a comment  and I will try to get something baseball related signed sealed and delivered to your door.

It's a long season and I go to the games when I can so no promises but i will do my best..

The list is growing for their appearances this year , have a look. ( 2 openings left )

Should be some good baseball this year , or atleast some good signings.. Too bad Ryne Sandberg left for the big leagues but i did get can read about that here

Thanks for reading ..

Sunday, March 10, 2013

PWE Bombs and info on a gift for followers

First off , Thanks to Jeff who writes 2x3 Heroes and there is a mystery Bomber out there who also sent some Yankee love to my son Kyle.He absolutely loves coming home and checking the mailbox. I have to think that will change when he gets his own address and he gets alot more mail but with numbers and some guy who goes by the name of BILL. But for now we Thank you.

I hit up the card show today. 1 of the dealers told me Kyle is becoming known as he has learned to go through the room and look and haggle the 2nd time around.Todays example

This card laying in the case for $5.00

Kyle; " Would you take $3 for this ?"
Dealer; " Nope..."
Kyle; " Hmmmmmm...."
Dealer; " $2 is the highest I'll go.."


That kid can stretch a $5 like no other these days. I got some great deals too..None for me but some are being sent to " Credit " a sender and the others are for an Underdog Collector who was very kind to Kyle.

I am thinking of an idea to continue this " Pay it forward " or PWE Bomb thing. I'm thinking that with our local show being monthly , i am going to start by doing a randomizing of my followers and the person who gets the top billing will get a little something from Kyle and myself. When you " win " you have to sit out the next drawing. No one will " win " Back to Back.. The winnings would come from the search of your blog from your want list.If I dont see anything , I will do some investigative work and get a sense of who or what you follow or would like.

Thanks again for reading and Spring is around the corner..I'm just glad with the clocks moving forward , it was 1 hour less working on the kitchen..

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Apologies and Thanks..

It's no secret that I am not the 1 a day , 1 a week type blogger.Even more so that I am locked in on this Kitchen Re-Do.  I am greatful that my father in law gave us a much needed day off today. We have been going strong since Feb 1st..This is where we are at this point.

Kyle was given 1st crack..Or if you believe Jeff over at 2x3 Heroes  
I am a big proponent of child labor..

And this is where we are today.

In the meantime, we ( Kyle and I ) worked out a trade with 2x3 and got some great cards. My apologies for not posting them , but I was able to get these up which were sent out of the kindness of his heart to Kyle.

A CC and Sweet Jeter Shiny.. I seriously have some competition here.. I immediately ran out and bought the kid a Mantle rookie to reclaim my spot at the top.( OK , you got me ) I meant a 2013 Blaster of Topps. which had some cards that were shipped out to a few of you.
 In ending , I appreciate the patience I am getting from Zach who has The Underdog Blog. His generosity is much appreciated and hopefully my additions to his package will be worth the wait..

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

He's No Underdog in my book..

Leave it to the collectors world to deliver the goods to an 11 year old who will have one less thing to do when the USPS stops Saturday deliveries.
Zach who from what I have read in other posts seems to be  making a comeback of sorts into this world of cardboard , has a blog HERE  , recently posted his loot from a jumbo box break of 2013 Topps.
1 of his Hits was this

Seeing that , I had to ask him if it was up for trade.Long story short , when he found out it was for my son Kyle , he more than graciously gave the go-ahead on a trade. I purposely left Kyle out of the loop on this and the day it arrived , I recieved a text stating ( he sent a pic as well ) " Look at this awesomeness "
Yeah I knew it was awesome , and more importantly my hat is off to Zach for making this happen.

In other news , I am in week 3 of the Kitchen gutt / makeover hell. I work 3pm - 2am Mon thru Thurs , and my F-in law is in the driveway around 8:30am everyday..Yes , everyday. He did let me sleep in on sunday but it seems like this will never end. We are doing it all mostly ourselves. We managed to finish the cainets and cupboards ( minus the sink cabinet , tomorrow it will be done ) so just when you see some light , you see the work on the outskirts of the kitchen that need tending to at some point as well.. But I know 1 day I will be done..I hope..

Thanks again Zach..Your return is still being put together and I will have it out by Saturday..

Monday, January 28, 2013

Trade Posts and some freebies

First off a Big Thank You to Casey over at Drop the Gloves , He sent my son Kyle a nice package of cards containing ....I'm not sure. Yankees were in their but it was such a surprise to him that he immediately put them in his box of favorites. I work nights so I wasn't able to exactly see which ones they were. So I apologize ( I wanted to post them ) to Casey and Thank you at the same time.

As far as trading goes , I was able to get Chunter over at Chipp 'n' Dale to take some Chipper Jones off my hands. He sent a very nice package including these:

The Thurman Munson stole the show for Kyle.He wants to get as many Munsons as he can. Chunter sent a team set of the Bruins  , for photo purposes , I substituted these which we already had and TTm'd which Chara happened to show up in our mailbox for Kyle recently.Many Thanks to Chunter for the awesome trade.

Monday, January 7, 2013

Group Break and Card show relics

First up is a Group break that Spankee  had months ago. I took the Padres and Pirates hoping for the best. My " HIT " card happened to be this
A  Dave Winfield jersey card from the 2004 Celebrity All - Star game.

The Sunday card show allowed us to pick up these

A UD Manny and a Topps Ryan Howard game used Bat card.

UD Masterpieces Roy Halladay jersey relic along with a Dick Trickle auto.

Other card show pick ups

The Kemp can be up for trade. My son will have to give the OK on that.

Thanks for reading and keep up with all the good reading for me on your blogs as well..