Sunday, May 11, 2014

The cast of signers headed to Rochester 2014

 This years cast of former players headed to Rochester. Fergie cancelled out in 2013 after what i heard was health issues but is on the list for 2014.I purchased a David Justice ball back in the early 90's off of QVC so he isn't a necessity. Straw , Jenkins and Blyleven are lock ins for sure..

As it turns out , a co-worker told me how he met Blyleven during the Hall of Fame festivities and asked him if he would ever come to Rochester.He told him that if he was ever asked , he would love to.Well my co-worker spoke with someone in the Red Wing Org. and made it happen.

Friday, May 9, 2014

Hurry , before you miss the Play at the plate

It seems the brainchild of Play at the plate is having a monster of a contest. He has reached 2000 posts and Topps was gracious enough to give him a box of Bowman to give away. you can read about it here.