Sunday, July 5, 2015

Underdog never disappoints

Zach is back... Not sure if he was really gone but I seemed to lost track of him. Zach was one of the first to send Kyle some Doc Good"ness" seen here

This time it was my turn..This card has been on my radar for awhile and while i did get it months ago , i now have time to show it.

Some Manny Materials...

He was also kind enough to send Kyle some cardboard.

Thanks for the cards Zach and Glad I was able to get you yours after finally finding you..

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Another Box from Everyones favorite Jedi

Jeff sent Kyle another flat rate box some time ago and as always , it was LOADED with goodies..

I will do my best to show some of our favorites..

Astros ?? Yep ,
Kyle has seen the light and left the Yamkees at the alter.. No not that severe. He received an Astros hat for his birthday and it has soaked in that now he is a fan. Altuve and Springer are his boys now.

Star wars , what can be said , love em'

And the Ultimate Bad Boy Lucic....Now a King...Ugh...

Thanks Jeff and apologies for the months long wait...

A call for cardboard

Masters of the Blogosphere , I am seeking donations for 2 kids who are into cards.What kind you ask , well let me give you some of the back story..
Owen ( 8 years old ) just wrapped up his Baseball season which my daughter was on his team and I was a coach. Through conversation , i have found the outfield is usually the spot for this , Owen told me how he goes to the same card show that kyle and I attend.He also spoke about his brother Liam ( 10 years old ) who collects.He mentioned his brother also is sick and that he likes most of all , opening cards with his brother.After speaking with his father , he told me Liam has Type 1 diabetes.I don't know much other than that but after running this idea by 2x3 Heroes JediJeff , it was a no brainer.I spoke to the father at the next game and explained what kind of blog world we have here and that I would ask you guys to do what you do best.He was on board and gave me the address for anyone who would like to send unwanted cards.
Owen , his favorite team is the Blue Jays , Hmmm $30 a week , his fav player is Jose Bautista.
Liam , Red Sox with Dustin Pedroia .

They are into basically any cards.Baseball , Football , Basketball and movie cards.

Thanks for any help with this , feel free to spread the word or if you have been given the address , give it to someone you trust.
Please email me at
Thats 2 zeroes..

for the address...

Thank you..