Thursday, September 20, 2012

The Line ups are here.. Welcome to Rochester , NY

I'm starting to wonder , are any of the little guys going to be able to see this game ?  What game you ask ? Well , in an earlier post I mentioned about the Pepsi Max Field of Dreams contest. Well long story short , Rochester won the right to host. So with out further adue (?)...

The Pepsi MAX MLB Field of Dreams American League team includes:
  • Catcher – Yogi Berra
  • First Base – Frank Thomas
  • Second Base – Rod Carew
  • Shortstop – Cal Ripken, Jr.
  • Third Base – Brooks Robinson
  • Outfielders - Ken Griffey, Jr., Rickey Henderson and Reggie Jackson
  • Starting Pitcher – Jim Palmer
  • Relief Pitcher – Dennis Eckersley
  • Designated Hitter – Paul Molitor
The Pepsi MAX MLB Field of Dreams National League team includes:
  • Catcher – Johnny Bench
  • First Base – Fred McGriff
  • Second Base – Ryne Sandberg
  • Shortstop – Ozzie Smith
  • Third Base – Mike Schmidt
  • Outfielders – Andre Dawson, Tony Gwynn and Stan Musial
  • Starting Pitcher – Randy Johnson
  • Relief Pitcher – Trevor Hoffman

WOW , thats all I can say.. But....

The location has yet to be determined. And it goes deeper than that. We have Frontier Field , home of the Red Wings .Seems like the logical place. Hold upwards of 13,500 ( give or take ) , well a local reporter ( ) has noted that Frontier Field is under contract with Coca Cola and they are strictly the only soft drink allowed to be served. Now that throws a kink in the chain. So , the boys of summer are going to be here but where they play is TBD..

Monday, September 17, 2012

The results are in..

Rochester , NY will be center of attention next year..Atleast for 1 night..Now are regular joes going to be able to go or are the corporates going to take over??

Follow the link..

Broken Promises

Back in the day , in my early 20's , A bunch of us went to a diner for diner.Now not that this really means anything but it was owned by a Greek gentleman. I ordered a pasta diner for take out.While we were eating , a coworker ( who happens to be Italian ) happened to look at mine and harassed me to no end about going to a Greek diner to order an Italian dish..OK , lesson learned. Fast forward to friday night. I happened to take the family to a diner they frequent ( i work nights ). I ordered the broiled scallops..Man , did I have flashbacks as I was eating those scallops. Now this by NO means is to say that people of Greek descent can not cook , it just means that everyone has their specialty.

Now , onto why is this posted in a card blog ? Well , I have been duped into buying SCORE 2011 Football before only to be disappointed  every time.  The cards themselves are lackluster at best (  In my opinion ) and I just don't see a hit making it that much better.

I took my youngest to Toys-R-Us to spend some Birthday cash and came across the cards section.( Just came across ..ha ha) Well , I didn't want to break the bank on a $20 + Blaster so they had a blaster for $15 and I ran with it..You guessed it , The 2011 Score..( I knew there was a reason for my disgust with Romo.( Blaster poster boy)) Needless to say , the cards are sitting on the floor of my backseat.

I am throwing these out there if anyone needs or wants.I am not going to waste any time scanning these.I've wasted enough.

In the meantime , I am going to regain my self control when it comes to buying cards and ordering on the menu..

Saturday, September 8, 2012

1st ever contest Loot

There is something to be said when you open your email and there is a note from someone with the subject line that says Contest winner. Robert from Had a contest that asked the question " What would you do with a Tony Gwynn Auto card?" Well after leaving my 2cents Ihave an auto card for myself thanks to Robert. But first , he threw in some awesome cards.A couple Devils cards ( Scott sStevens and Scott Neidermeyer as well as this

A Cognac CC..Sweet.
And This..

A Mark Reynolds Relic..Very Sweet..

And the Grand Prize auto...This immediately brought me back to the bench. Scared that I was going to get " hit " with the bucket full of water.... Nah , confetti...

He also threw in a Chrome rack pack.
Not much came out other than an orange Halliday and Youklis as well as 3x RC Kelvin Herrera 2x Jose Reyes base and a RC Taylor Green. Thanks again to Robert .

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Time Flies

Man , it's been awhile since I have brought anything to the table. My goal of getting 3 balls auto'd went 2 for 3. I wasn't able to make the Bisons game @ rochester so I missed out on a chance at Zach Wheeler. What makes it even harder to swallow is that the big rumor ( atleast I think it still is ) is that the powers to be in Buffalo are choosing not to renew with the Mets and are after the Blue Jays. The Las Vegas 51's are the current minor league AAA team. So as it sounds , the two cities may just end up swapping teams.

thats all for this post , it's been busy with end of summer and kids starting school so please , bear with me.
This guy is nuts !! But thats why I'm entering..Whats the prize?? We'll see at weeks end..

Sunday, September 2, 2012