Friday, August 30, 2013

My summer so far , baseball , baseball and you guessed it..

Baseball has been the thing around here this summer.In one of my earlier posts this year , I laid out who was going to be in Rochester to sign auto's @ the AAA Red Wings games. Well working nights at the time was going to make this a tricky quest to do but never the less , My employer cut the night shift and I was moved to days.Ok , so now it gets easier.
At least thats what I thought , Kyle who usually plays baseball in a house league which runs till the end of june , was asked to play on an all star team.This would last until mid July. Another previous coach of kyles , run a traveling team and asked if he could play a weekend tournament just outside of Buffalo to which we agreed to do.And finally , his house coach called only to have him play in another tournament the weekend after..So July was swamped with Baseball..

The Red Wings announced Rod Carew , Andre Reed ( Buffalo Bills (BLAH)) , Fergie Jenkins , Gaylord Perry and Lee Smith for starters as to who was coming. Well , I stood in line ( with 2 kids (never again)) for 2 1/2 hrs before the gates opened to get a good spot , short of the long I ended up with this..(picture taken from google )
Kyle had him sign his 2013 Chasing History Gold card.Turned out very nice.

Fergie was up next  ( at a later date ) but cancelled due to a medical procedure we were told.But had a "fill in " and Kyle was very anxious about this guy..Doc Gooden..
This go around , I got to the gates 2 hours before opening with the plan to have kids dropped off just before gates opened.Worked great.The Red wings Photographer had his eye on my daughter Chloe so with my camera broken (on kyles 2nd trip to NYC to see his Yankees ) Iwas happy to get these pictures.

I skipped on Gaylord Perry , between the Carew and Gooden waiting in line , I was not in the mood for it.
Lastly is Lee Smith. I must say , this guy is bigger in life.true gentleman ( they all were ) but he seemed alot more fan friendly.Again I lucked out , the Red Wings photographer got this.
Kyle and his buddy getting their card signed. I had a ball signed for our collection.

All in all , this has been a crazy summer with all that's gone on.I didn't post but I do have my daily reading of all the great blogs in this community for which I thank you guys. I also have had some life issues and a special thanks to JediJeff .With everything going on in his world , he manages to take the time to check in with me.
I can only hope this entry is a start of more , with the baseball season done and school starting , i can only hope..Thanks for reading..