Tuesday, September 23, 2014

A Fly named Jeff

Timing is everything , and Jeff over at 2x3Heroes  is 2 for 2. My last post was the first example and now this.
We had a family dog , Bear , who half Newfoundland half Lab , was pretty much the happy go lucky sort.We have a 4-5 foot fence in the backyard which he would climb out on occasion and give me a reason to exercise and go looking for him.An all black dog at night was a good time but never the less, his health had declined the last 6 months to where he had seperation anxiety which called for 1 of us to sleep on the first floor to be with him.His hind legs were going and on the 2nd of this month , the strain on him was too much so that we put him down. The kids were obviously devistated that their Bear was no longer with us. Kyle spent much of the monday before with him.Laying with him and keeping him company.Thinking of good times i'm sure.
On that tuesday after we had him put down , I came home from the vet and saw that our mail had come.Yep , a package from Jeff. His packages always put a smile on our faces but that day his packages gave us some time to forget our sadness and have a moment of happiness. Since day 1 of interacting with Jeff , he has definately made the day(s) for my son and I cant thank him enough.
Hopefully he doesn't mind the text messages from Kyle ( yeah , from that phone ) asking about other cards he may or may not have.
I did manage to get some of the cards that were in the package

Can't go wrong with Yankee greats.. There were definately more in the package but due to his excitement and his switching of rooms , things were put away faster than I scanned.

Thanks again Jeff , I am working on a return for you..

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Cards from a Jedi

Everyone's favorite Jedi (  Jeff@2x3Heroes ) dropped a PME (padded-manilla-envelope) onKyle and I and what perfect timing it was.This house has been nothing but baseball since April with Kyle and now his sister Chloe playing little league. Chloe was going to  play softball but since her age group would start out using Tee's to hit balls , she went the baseball route where the coaches would pitch.Both had a great season and Kyle is still playing with the District team and will take all-stars into august.Well until last Thursday. Kyle went to our local amusement park here in Rochester (NY) and the short of it is they had a pipe sticking out of the ground , not really protected and he stepped on it.The pipe took off the skin about a cm deep about the size of a half dollar.Xrays were good so its all about waiting for this scab to form and heal.He missed his game last night which is the districts which if you win you continue on until you reach the LL world series.We have yet to meet with the park , you see when this happened , he went to 3 different employees with a bleeding foot , and 2 told him to go here or there , the 3rd told him he wasnt allowed in that section with bare feet , mind you his foot was covered in blood by then.Anyways it did end well , but management wasn't to pleased at the handling of this incident with their employees.
Kyle hit the couch at home and I had a prescription in hand for just what the JEDI ordered..
YANKEES !!! This was great pack , loaded with different years of Yankees.These are glossy reprints of UD masterpieces.As much as I like these , It really makes you appreciate the real deal masterpieces.

I sometimes wonder if Jeff is pulling his Mind Tricks because he is always sending great cards for Kyle. R.A. Dickey mini is just awesome and was the favorite of the bunch until this..
BAM !!!
Y.A white framed..The white border pops the solid colors to really make this card great.On top of all that,a framed Blue bordered Davis #'d 292/499..

I can't thank you enough Jeff , you really hit the mark on timing and selection on this one.Kyle sends his Thanks as always..

(apologies for the awkward looking scans )

Sunday, May 11, 2014

The cast of signers headed to Rochester 2014

 This years cast of former players headed to Rochester. Fergie cancelled out in 2013 after what i heard was health issues but is on the list for 2014.I purchased a David Justice ball back in the early 90's off of QVC so he isn't a necessity. Straw , Jenkins and Blyleven are lock ins for sure..

As it turns out , a co-worker told me how he met Blyleven during the Hall of Fame festivities and asked him if he would ever come to Rochester.He told him that if he was ever asked , he would love to.Well my co-worker spoke with someone in the Red Wing Org. and made it happen.

Friday, May 9, 2014

Hurry , before you miss the Play at the plate

It seems the brainchild of Play at the plate is having a monster of a contest. He has reached 2000 posts and Topps was gracious enough to give him a box of Bowman to give away. you can read about it here.

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Some Gypsy on this Easter Sunday

I purchased a blaster of GQ recently and before i / we broke it Kyle has first dibs on whose side is he on..
You see , to make it somewhat fair and entertaining , he decides whether he wants National or American League cards. And then we bust em'.

Here were the " Hits " on my American counterparts..

The Pujols is 63 of 99 and the others are really just the best of the bunch. Kyle pulled a Kris Medlan (?) (Atlanta ) not sure of the number though. The Pujols and Medlan are up for trade if wanted.

Have a great easter.

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Another great 2x3 package..

It seems whenever I hit my monthly , ( card show ) , The supply of White Sox is endless , and because of a simple card that was sent to Kyle , I keep on picking up those Sox.

2013 Topps Dwight Gooden Autograph Auto Chasing History Mets

JediJeff  ( the recipient of said Whitesox )  @ 2x3 Heroes was kind enough to send us this a ways back and since then I find it hard not to continue to pay him back for his kindness.Yet the Jedi seems to continue to Bomb our mailbox with goodies for Kyle..Wanna see??
Always some Yankees in the envelope , and who can turn away these greats..

Curly Neal , well this will go well with my contest winnings posted  here.

And for the last chosen card , well Jedi knows what to send , 

Yep , Some Doc..

This is from 1988 Leaf , its a pop - up figure which has the 1988 All-star game logo  , so not sure if this was given out then or in packs.Regardless , he know has it..

Thanks for the package bomb Jeff , the other cards we greatly appreciated as well..

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Return of the JEDI !!!

So there it is , I throttled up the randomizer 7 times for the # of entrants that were entered and Jeff has come out on top. Congrats to Jeff ( looks like my number theory is making sense..just sayin..)

To the rest of you losers , kidding , if you could email me your addys ( i know i have some but please send it anyways )so I can send out a little something for playing along , that would be most excellent. ( parq1 at yahoo )

Thanks for playing and holding me to a date specific post..

Sunday, March 30, 2014

I failed so You win..(maybe)

Ok , so with a new scanner purchase I wanted to get out 2-3 posts a week. I failed so to punish myself , I am off to the Pokey.I  mean I'm offering up a Pokey..

2000 Skybox Autographics POKEY REESE Auto/Autograph (9853) 

Just leave a comment and come wednesday I will randomize and pick a winner. No need to get the word out , This one is for all of you who put up with minimal posts from yours truly.

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

A Monster 2x3 Delivery

Yeah , Kyle got one too.. A box of 2x3 goodies from everyones favorite Jedi..
Jeff whom everyone knows is at 2X3 Heroes sent Kyle a box full of  cards that hit every one of our
Some R.A  

Some Star Wars

And Some Mastersons with an Oddball relic ( which was a 10 on the cool factor )

His box was also loaded with Yankees , Doc Gooden , Triple Plays , and way more than I can go through.
Kyle sends his Thanks to the Jedi one and with a card show upcoming , who knows...

Friday, March 7, 2014

Need more Cardboard wants to give you more cardboard

Andrew over at Need More Cardboard is having a contest.He is also looking to pick up some more followers.Head over and give him a follow..


Thursday, March 6, 2014

Do you Remember the Astrodome ?

The Astrodome , My memories were in the mid 80's when the Mets and Astros seemed to have a sort of rivalry. Mike Scott always seemed to come out on top..I despised him

And of course  these guys 

Well as it turns out , The Astrodome is a topic of discussion as of late as to what to do with it.To me its definitely a historic place , but not sure if that alone will save it.One Gentleman who I'm sure is for saving it is Marc who writes over at Remember the Astrodome 
He took a liking to some of my trade bait and the rest is history..Chasing History
And some Triple Plays of our Favorite players.

Great additions to our PC's and also some help was sent on our 2014 needs. .. Thanks Marc.

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Trade with ARPSmith

Adam at ARPSmith posted some 2014 cards from a jumbo box he purchased  and posted some sweet offerings to which I asked for and received.

Gold and Redfoil Manny. I was actually surprised I got the ok on this deal. I know William of Foul Bunt and
Ryan of "O" No !!! Another orioles blog have run these streets of blog way before me and I don't want to be the guy who swoops in and takes their wants.I have become more of a PC guy than team and even then , i have to like the card enough to want it.Yeah I know , feminine tendencies..

On a side note , A gentleman down the street came to my door with a couple boxes of cards...Loaded with late 70's early 80's football and late 80's topps , Fleer , Donruss , Score and maybe more. I haven't sorted them to the extent needed but this is a general idea of what i have.The benefit to you , the reader , is that I told him I would take them only to give out to you , yep the reader , to help in any way to fill your wants and needs.So , if you do have some needs keep an eye out for a post to be done towards the end of the month where i will have exactly what i have ( to some extent ).

As always thanks for reading and a Big Thanks to Adam for the trade..

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Trade bait

Now that i have the ability to scan , here's some bait

 That is an Elway rookie..
Chris Davis is an X refractor from chrome
The Coin / cap is Turk Farrell of the Colt 45's , Not sure how I got this but it can be yours..
The Arroyo card is from Skybox. Basically any white you see is actually clear.

Shoot me an email if interested..

2014 Topps help

So Kyle and I put together what we had from hanger boxes , Blasters and value packs to see where we stood as far as completing series 1.Heres our needs.

127,129,149,152,156,161,171,174,182,185,187,207,235,252,261,268,278,288,292,304, and 317

We also have alot of dupes so if we can work a trade , We are game.

Thanks for reading

Friday, February 28, 2014

Back in The Game

Well at least it feels like it. I ordered aa all in one printer , scanner , etc... from WalMart and despite not receiving my customary email from them telling me that it was ready for pick up I went anyways.You see I also get a tracking number from Fed Ex so I knew that it was at the store 4 days ago.But I followed the rules and waited.Until today.I went in without said email and asked nicely for it.And now it is mine.
This is a big step for me as far as technology , as JediJeff will attest to , I am way behind in the Cellular Dept.

I am looking to get a post a week in  and hope to accomplish this. Kyle and I have a lot of cards to post for trade bait and just cards in general to send to a new home.

So as a test I decided to give a update on my YO ! rainbow quest- Forgot to add the emerald i have

As you can see , I have some tweaking to learn..When I saw the scan , I freaked out because I did not know I had a Black border..well , yeah , I don't..As most know , the base chrome turned black.
( still needed Hint..Hint..) I was able to get the Orange and purple for cheap on Sportlots along with
 Miguel Sano and Byron Buxtons. With those two headed for Minnesota I'm hoping they start In AAA Rochester so I have a chance to see them..

Trimming of the scan or scan size? guess i need to look into that too..

Well here's to a new start on blogging , Have a great weekend..

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Guilty as charged

So i thought this blogging thing was going to be easy. Well as you can tell , I am struggling beyond hope. What I am grateful for is the blogroll that i have, all of those greats who keep me entertained daily , is something I've come to do sometimes hourly.
So i have purchased something that i hope will help in my situation.. SCANNER....Yep , Jedi will be on the fence on this as he is one who has to deal with my non smart phone with a keyboard that well , kinda spells how it wants.
I have received some great cards from a whole bunch of bloggers and i even made my first Sportlots purchases..
So hang in there ( if you still are here ) I promise to go from quarterly posts to hopefully , just maybe , 1 a week...That would be nice.
Keep up the great blogging and Jedi , sorry about the phone..