Tuesday, May 28, 2013

My Quarterly Post

It seems as though I am now treating this as my " step " child.I wont bore you with details but what I do want to do is Thank those of you who have sent Kyle cards. Jeff who writes at 2x3 Heroes has been overly gracious with this and although my game plan this weekend failed due to a certain 2nd baseman , who is down in AAA on rehab , failed to make himself available , forced me to a back up plan to be put into effect later.Anyways ,

Kyle finally got in to do what he loves most ,

Coach put him in with a 6-0 lead and well the jitters came into play and he ended up getting out of the inning with the score 6-5. We have been concentrating on his batting so much , we forgot to put in some throwing time.

Our first game at the ballpark came and was it a special one. The 2013 Pepsi Max field of Dreams was in town ( If you want more info here's a link ). 2 contest winners were to go against each other with help from some HoF'rs and their family / friends.
The AL had Frank Thomas , Wade Boggs , Reggie Jackson , Pedro Martinez and Rickey Henderson.
The NL had Johnny Bench , Trevor Hoffman , Ozzie Smith , Mike Schmidt  and Fred McGriff. The game was exibition at best , it was hard to watch some of those guys try to get to first. Bench was more a cheerleader but it was what I expected and we had a great time.Kyle was his usual self and came away with these.

On another note , Kyles Grandmother brought this home for him from spring training

Yep , 1 of the guys who was just here , The " Crime Dog " Fred McGriff..

I will leave you now with whatever pictures I can fit here from the game. Thanks for reading and again Thanks for Kyles PWE's..

                                 Wade and Mr Baseball ( Rochesters version ) Joe Altobelli
                                                                           Crime Dog
                                            Reggie spent his birthday here with Rochester
                                                                           Big Hurt
                                                             Schmidt and Wade
                                    Schmidt was hiding the ball hoping to get Wade of the base.