Monday, September 17, 2012

Broken Promises

Back in the day , in my early 20's , A bunch of us went to a diner for diner.Now not that this really means anything but it was owned by a Greek gentleman. I ordered a pasta diner for take out.While we were eating , a coworker ( who happens to be Italian ) happened to look at mine and harassed me to no end about going to a Greek diner to order an Italian dish..OK , lesson learned. Fast forward to friday night. I happened to take the family to a diner they frequent ( i work nights ). I ordered the broiled scallops..Man , did I have flashbacks as I was eating those scallops. Now this by NO means is to say that people of Greek descent can not cook , it just means that everyone has their specialty.

Now , onto why is this posted in a card blog ? Well , I have been duped into buying SCORE 2011 Football before only to be disappointed  every time.  The cards themselves are lackluster at best (  In my opinion ) and I just don't see a hit making it that much better.

I took my youngest to Toys-R-Us to spend some Birthday cash and came across the cards section.( Just came across ..ha ha) Well , I didn't want to break the bank on a $20 + Blaster so they had a blaster for $15 and I ran with it..You guessed it , The 2011 Score..( I knew there was a reason for my disgust with Romo.( Blaster poster boy)) Needless to say , the cards are sitting on the floor of my backseat.

I am throwing these out there if anyone needs or wants.I am not going to waste any time scanning these.I've wasted enough.

In the meantime , I am going to regain my self control when it comes to buying cards and ordering on the menu..

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  1. I collect score football for my son, but two years ago he got one 99 cent pack and scored a Jason-Paul Pierre Rookie Auto / made me even do a triple take! But I would rather take them off your hands before you toss them!