Saturday, April 19, 2014

Another great 2x3 package..

It seems whenever I hit my monthly , ( card show ) , The supply of White Sox is endless , and because of a simple card that was sent to Kyle , I keep on picking up those Sox.

2013 Topps Dwight Gooden Autograph Auto Chasing History Mets

JediJeff  ( the recipient of said Whitesox )  @ 2x3 Heroes was kind enough to send us this a ways back and since then I find it hard not to continue to pay him back for his kindness.Yet the Jedi seems to continue to Bomb our mailbox with goodies for Kyle..Wanna see??
Always some Yankees in the envelope , and who can turn away these greats..

Curly Neal , well this will go well with my contest winnings posted  here.

And for the last chosen card , well Jedi knows what to send , 

Yep , Some Doc..

This is from 1988 Leaf , its a pop - up figure which has the 1988 All-star game logo  , so not sure if this was given out then or in packs.Regardless , he know has it..

Thanks for the package bomb Jeff , the other cards we greatly appreciated as well..

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  1. Nickel box for the pop-up Gooden. Easy purchase.