Tuesday, September 23, 2014

A Fly named Jeff

Timing is everything , and Jeff over at 2x3Heroes  is 2 for 2. My last post was the first example and now this.
We had a family dog , Bear , who half Newfoundland half Lab , was pretty much the happy go lucky sort.We have a 4-5 foot fence in the backyard which he would climb out on occasion and give me a reason to exercise and go looking for him.An all black dog at night was a good time but never the less, his health had declined the last 6 months to where he had seperation anxiety which called for 1 of us to sleep on the first floor to be with him.His hind legs were going and on the 2nd of this month , the strain on him was too much so that we put him down. The kids were obviously devistated that their Bear was no longer with us. Kyle spent much of the monday before with him.Laying with him and keeping him company.Thinking of good times i'm sure.
On that tuesday after we had him put down , I came home from the vet and saw that our mail had come.Yep , a package from Jeff. His packages always put a smile on our faces but that day his packages gave us some time to forget our sadness and have a moment of happiness. Since day 1 of interacting with Jeff , he has definately made the day(s) for my son and I cant thank him enough.
Hopefully he doesn't mind the text messages from Kyle ( yeah , from that phone ) asking about other cards he may or may not have.
I did manage to get some of the cards that were in the package

Can't go wrong with Yankee greats.. There were definately more in the package but due to his excitement and his switching of rooms , things were put away faster than I scanned.

Thanks again Jeff , I am working on a return for you..


  1. Sorry for the loss of your dog; I've been through that a few times myself and it is never easy.

  2. Take your time. And I'm still working on the Magic cards. Then again - if anyone reads this post and have Magic cards lying around, I can think of a kid that would love to get some.

  3. Sorry for the loss. I've been through that myself. Awful.