Monday, December 17, 2012

Giving it another go..

I'm giving it another go , to post a little more that is. I have neglected this project enough . What I thought was going to be an easy thing had turned into something that I should have left to the Professionals. But my thought now is to try to stick with it. So here we go....

I went to the LCS on Sunday with a December budget of $5 ( $10 actually My son and I $5 apiece ) ,

And I think we made out pretty good. Kyle like to jump the gun so to say and forks over the cash as soon as he gets there.But I have to admit , he can haggle and he is of prime age where dealers would be stiff  at my offer , but a kid ?

This past show , he took his time and shook out the dealers and came away real good. I'll post his cards another time.

My money was going to go towards Wilmer Flores cards I needed. They are pretty hard to come by but I did manage to get some I needed.

And what made this show better was the 50% off that a majority of dealers were having. These were actually in the dime boxes so it was nice to get these 2.

Next up was Starling Marte. I think I have 1 of these already but for the price it was worth it. Erasmo Ramirez , I honestly dont have a clue , I like picking these Gold ones up just for the looks.

Who can turn down the Immortal Hulk Hogan..I'm banking on his new found fame in bedroom porn to raise the roof on this cards worth.. ( ok , i will not hold my breath )

The last card was one that well , put me over my limit.I was about to leave and stopped at this last table before walking out.I saw this card and not being a fan or anything of this person , thought it was a cool card.
Right after I asked for his price , I put a number in my head as a max. Lets say the moon and stars aligned and his price was the same as my price so i figured it was meant to be.

  It's a 119 of 199..Ariel Pena , I don't know who you are but this card is nice..

Thanks for reading if you made it this far , and i hope to be more vigilant to this project of mine..

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