Tuesday, April 23, 2013

No Kate Upton here but it's still worth a read.

I am beginning to think that Kate Upton is becoming the new "PWE BOMB ". I'm reading these blogs and BOOM...There she is..Hmmmmmm...Dreamy......I had a comment for Jeff @ 2x3 Heroes about , yeah , can't remember now.She was at the bottom.Anyways ,

Kyle had an opportunity to have some Grandma & Grandpa time.This time was a week in NYC.Heres the highlight of the trip.

 Welcome to Yankee Stadium..
 This is Thurman Munsons locker. Left untouched after he past..

In all , he had a great time.Alot of food and fun.They crossed the Brooklyn bridge , saw all of the sights ( 911 memorial , Statue of Liberty , Went to the top of the Empire State building and Times Square)

When he returned , he had PWE's from Jim @ GCRL and Nick @ DimeBoxes. Thanks so much for the kindness .


  1. the one good thing i can say about the yankees is that they seem to do their history right.

    1. Kyle actually took a picture of all their rings and 1 watch.Their first championship was celebrated with a gold pocket watch.all others were blinged out rings.