Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Time , where does it go?

First off , a Thank you to The Diamond King for his envelope to Kyle. My only regret to these acts of kindness is that I am way behind the times. I wish I could take pictures and post them from all who has sent to him but by the time I get home they are put away and I am busy the next with " Kitchen Shrapnel " as I like to call it. This consists of the rooms connecting to the kitchen that was just remodeled.Any ways ,
my previous post which didn't get posted as the author thought was just posted.
I am headed down a path that is going to have big changes soon , i dont want to put anything out there , but know that i check out blogs atleast 1 or twice a day. you guys keep me going ( and the kitchen not so much ) so thanks for that. Kyle has started baseball and his arm is looking real good.I am glad he did the spring training warm up to shake off the rust.
As far as cards , I 've been noticing alot of great hits and cards being posted. That makes for happy bloggers and great posts for sure.

Until next time ,

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