Thursday, January 3, 2013

Housecleaning and Christmas Loot

I may be biting off a little more than I can chew with this but here goes. Kyle and I have gone through some of our stacks and boxes and have a lot of commons and stars available for trade. I'm not sure how to do this other than to throw it out there. My thought was to go through the existing sites that I frequent and come across ,  and look at want lists and individual PC's then send an email to said blogger for interest in trading.
But for those who I may miss , I am going to throw some names and teams out there of who we have.If you have any interest by all means please comment with who you are looking for or team for that matter.
We have some Chipper Jones , Sammy Sosas , Mark McGwire , Randy Johnson , Tony Gwynns , Astros , Padres , Cardinals , A-Rods , A's , Kerry Woods , Expos , Yeah  I may have gone overboard here , Maybe best if you leave a comment and i can get back to you with what I have. I did come across a lot of  yu gi go
cards that were given to me. I had a friend look through them and was told some are of value.How much , well I guess I wont know till I speak to someone who wants to trade for them.
Kyle is looking for baseball cards. Specifically Yankees or Doc Gooden. Kyle is actively pursuing his cards. His latest is this auto.

Santa was pretty good to Kyle this year. Knowing his love for Star Wars , he gave Kyle this Awesome card

Justin " Jedi " Masterson.

.Being a Dolphins fan I never imagined buying anything Buffalo Bills related but to see the smile on his face when opening these , I came out ahead.

Thanks for stopping by and please leave me a comment if you wish a player or team.( or a better idea )


  1. HOW DID I NOT KNOW ABOUT THAT MASTERSON?!?! I must own one..... er...

    Own one, I must. :)