Sunday, March 3, 2013

Apologies and Thanks..

It's no secret that I am not the 1 a day , 1 a week type blogger.Even more so that I am locked in on this Kitchen Re-Do.  I am greatful that my father in law gave us a much needed day off today. We have been going strong since Feb 1st..This is where we are at this point.

Kyle was given 1st crack..Or if you believe Jeff over at 2x3 Heroes  
I am a big proponent of child labor..

And this is where we are today.

In the meantime, we ( Kyle and I ) worked out a trade with 2x3 and got some great cards. My apologies for not posting them , but I was able to get these up which were sent out of the kindness of his heart to Kyle.

A CC and Sweet Jeter Shiny.. I seriously have some competition here.. I immediately ran out and bought the kid a Mantle rookie to reclaim my spot at the top.( OK , you got me ) I meant a 2013 Blaster of Topps. which had some cards that were shipped out to a few of you.
 In ending , I appreciate the patience I am getting from Zach who has The Underdog Blog. His generosity is much appreciated and hopefully my additions to his package will be worth the wait..

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