Sunday, March 10, 2013

PWE Bombs and info on a gift for followers

First off , Thanks to Jeff who writes 2x3 Heroes and there is a mystery Bomber out there who also sent some Yankee love to my son Kyle.He absolutely loves coming home and checking the mailbox. I have to think that will change when he gets his own address and he gets alot more mail but with numbers and some guy who goes by the name of BILL. But for now we Thank you.

I hit up the card show today. 1 of the dealers told me Kyle is becoming known as he has learned to go through the room and look and haggle the 2nd time around.Todays example

This card laying in the case for $5.00

Kyle; " Would you take $3 for this ?"
Dealer; " Nope..."
Kyle; " Hmmmmmm...."
Dealer; " $2 is the highest I'll go.."


That kid can stretch a $5 like no other these days. I got some great deals too..None for me but some are being sent to " Credit " a sender and the others are for an Underdog Collector who was very kind to Kyle.

I am thinking of an idea to continue this " Pay it forward " or PWE Bomb thing. I'm thinking that with our local show being monthly , i am going to start by doing a randomizing of my followers and the person who gets the top billing will get a little something from Kyle and myself. When you " win " you have to sit out the next drawing. No one will " win " Back to Back.. The winnings would come from the search of your blog from your want list.If I dont see anything , I will do some investigative work and get a sense of who or what you follow or would like.

Thanks again for reading and Spring is around the corner..I'm just glad with the clocks moving forward , it was 1 hour less working on the kitchen..


  1. And now you are one hour behind on the kitchen. More, since you stopped to blog and hit a card show.

  2. Right on, Old Foul! Congrats on the 2x3 and Mystery Bomb for you and Kyle.
    I'm looking forward to ripping into this jumbo box from you two this weekend.
    A hearty "Cheers" to you both!