Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Calling All Twins fans..

Ok Twinkies , How that nickname stuck , I have no idea , here's the deal, I live in Rochester , NY ,yeah I know but your AAA team is here so gimme a break ( Man that has got to be a grammatical error , look at all those commas') And I happen to go to some games so here's  a chance to put your name in the comment box and get some free swag. ( finally a period )

I cant say what will or whom will sign it but rest assured , it will be a Twins minor leaguer. 1st pitch is 9 days away but this will give me time to get some ideas as to who and what.

If  you have something you would like signed , I can try that too. Just leave a comment as to your interest and if you have questions , feel free to email me parq1@yahoo.com

Otherwise , just leave a comment  and I will try to get something baseball related signed sealed and delivered to your door.

It's a long season and I go to the games when I can so no promises but i will do my best..

The list is growing for their appearances this year , have a look. ( 2 openings left )

Should be some good baseball this year , or atleast some good signings.. Too bad Ryne Sandberg left for the big leagues but i did get him.you can read about that here

Thanks for reading ..


  1. could i send you a couple cards of carew and fergie in case you are there when they are signing?


    1. I would love to BUT my guess is the line will VERY long and we will only be allowed 1 auto per person.They have a set time as to how long they sign for which is usually 45 minutes to an hour ( the guests usually throw out 1st pitch )and thats it.I will keep you posted if I find out anything different.

  2. Pretty sweet, sounds like an awesome summer!