Sunday, November 3, 2013


Ok , I am way ahead of myself. Let me go back to mid summer when as I posted that The Rochester Red Wings ( who unvieled an updated logo on Friday ) were to have a several former players and HoF's in town to sign.

One of those being Gaylord Perry.I had a stretch run going and was burnt out come the monday Mr. Perry was to be here.I had to work and as much as I wanted to shoot over and get a ball signed , I didn't.I was tired of the lines and hearing of the stories of a Grumpy Perry , maybe I didnt want to believe it or just didnt want to deal with it.Until yesterday.

A local car dealer in town has a yearly thing going ( which i never knew until recently ) where he brings in a former Yankee for a free signing.Guess who it was. Yes Gaylord Perry would be in rochester for a 2nd time.So Kyle and I went.The line was maybe 20 deep when we got there.It started at 12 and we arrived about 12:30.As I watched Perry sign , He looked as though he was signing his life away.No smiles , not very warm at all.Now as much as he is here to do this , I feel guilty because i am here to make him do this.But as the line moved , i saw him signing 5-10 items per person at least. I'm thinking maybe he is getting upset thinking the people are taking advantage of this.
So we are up next , I am going to say hello and thank him ( this is in my head ) when I hear the guy in front of me ask for an inscription , "Could you add SPITBALL?"
I immediately went "WHAT" Did he just insult this guy? I imagined Mr Perry standing up and proclaiming this signing over..But all he said was " I don't know anything about spitballs."

Kyle and I stepped forward and he signed kyles mural of Yankee uni's and took my ball and wrote his name on it.I thanked him and rode off in the sunset.

All I could think about is why is this guy so grumpy? Does he not like to do this? Then why does he subject himself? Is it that he gets annoyed at the collector who has 15 cards , a poster and a ball or two to have him sign?
In all , I am thankful for Mr. Perry to do this and glad to have another HoF ball on the shelf.

In ending , I wish to Thank all the bloggers for giving me daily reading and a special thanks to Jeff at 2x3 for the endless cards that arrive here.I only wish our camera was still working so I could show the awesome that comes.

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