Saturday, November 23, 2013

YO !!

Admittedly I still throw around some Yo's. At work , at home , its a 2 letter word that has stuck with me. Dude is another one but that's irrelevant here today.

I have no idea why but i have decided to try and complete a rainbow of none other than

I happened to catch a Brewers game on Fox , while the Mets were in rain delay , and Yo was pitching..He was rockin the Abe facial which was something I was doing.Not as good as the originator or the pitcher but I was trying.
Then Kyle and I busted a blaster of chrome to which his base was inside.Nice card was my first reaction. Then came the card show where I picked up this Blue sparkly of a gem. Maybe it just reminds me of my hope of any retirement
The moment where time stops to get action and ball is a great sight. 

So if anyone out there has any extra Yovanis' with colors , specifically 2013 , drop me a line.Not sure what I have but I'm sure we can work something out.

And if you are checking your stash , I'm also looking for any Wilmer Flores...


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