Thursday, August 9, 2012

Ebay Purchase

So I was able to have the winning bid on a lot of 6 Manny Machado rookies. 2010 / 2011 Bowman Chromes and 2011 Bowman plat's. This was back on July 4th. When I received my package , enclosed was a Chris Sale signed Bowman Platinum. Having only trimmed the top of the bubble wrap envelope , i taped it and returned to sender. Emailed the seller and he apologized and refunded my purchase price and said he would ship out cards when the Sale buyer returned my cards to him. Well , it's over a month and now that Machado has been called up it makes this worse.I did get an email from the seller stating the other buyer has yet to send the cards back to him and he hasn't received a reply from that person as far as emails go. So I am really bummed out about this.I am not out any money but the fact remains that those should be in my hands right now. Does anyone else have any ebay  stories that are similiar ?
As far as " prospecting " goes , Chase d Arnaud is in town this time next week , Ryne Sandberg is in town in 2 weeks and Zack Wheeler in 3 weeks.I am planning on getting an ROML baseball for Sandberg , do you think the other 2 are ball worthy ? These aren't for ebay , but just throwing it out there..

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  1. I'd really love to add Sandberg to my HOF collection. I need to see when the IronPigs are going to be nearby...