Thursday, August 30, 2012

Ebay win finally delivered

Back on the 4th of July , I won a 7card Rookie lot of Manny Machado. For $6 delivered , i was pretty stoked. I had been in Bignhamton the week before and caught a game between the Baysox and B- Mets. Wilmer Flores had just been called up from A or AA so it seemed for that game it was a Machado VS Flores. They both sent balls over the wall but the bay sox won 7-3. So from then on , i decided to get some of their rookies.
So when my package arrived , i trimmed the top of the mailer only to pull out a 2012 Topps Golden moments Chris Sale Auto. WTF was kinda my response to that.. I immediately taped up the top and RTS'd the package . After an email to the seller , he immediately refunded my purchase and would get back to me when he got a hold of the other buyer with my cards. Well , weeks went by and after the other buyer was done playing his wheres my card games , i am pleased to announce my cards have arrived..

Not bad in my book. I have since added the Bowman auto card. As far as Wilmer goes , his cards are getting more affordable and today I won a lot of his ( which will be a later post ).


  1. Glad you finally got that straightened out !

  2. Calling Manny up was one of the most important moves the Orioles made, in my opinion. He has solidified the defense at 3rd, which was sorely needed.