Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Success 1a and 1b

Well , I wanted to post the 1b success on Friday , but an electric hedge clipper  changed that. I managed to nip my finger so posting was the last thing on my mind.But on to the successes.

I mentioned about the upcoming games I would be attending with hopes of getting some signed balls. Well Chase d'Arnaud was more than happy to comply with my request. Was hoping for the sweet spot but took his usual spot on the ball when he signs. I guess I should have told him that this was going to be a 1 and done ball and requested the SS.

Next up is HOFer Ryne Sandberg on friday...

The 1a success which , bear with me , I have to thank my wife for. You see , she is umm  , well , having a bad time right now due to some , um , womanly cycle.. And me being the good guy I am , set off to the local grocery to fetch some " products " for her. Well after getting the said products I went to get some Bic pens for the signing of balls I am after. Conveniently , the rack that holds packs and blasters was right there as well. I looked over what they had and didnt think much until hiding on the top was a Legends blaster of UD Masterpieces. If you read one of my previous posts , it was how I have never seen these and instantly loved them. Needless to say $10 was a ggod price to get 7 packs.Heres some of the cards.

These pictures do not do any justice.To me , this set is definately the card and not the player. I was pretty happy with what I had gotten and this just made it better. I give to you success 1a ....

Yep , my 1st MAJOR hit. My son who loves the Yankees and the " old timers " immediately claimed this one..

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  1. Great pull out those packs! I really wish I could find some discount blasters of 07 or 08 Masterpieces somewhere!