Monday, August 6, 2012

This isn't as easy as I thought..

I am spending allot more time reading all the other blogs instead of making mine a priority. There are allot of great people out there and it is hard to pull away from reading everything that is going on in the card world. But I did get to take the kids to the Scranton - Wilkes Barre Yankees VS Indianapolis Indians @ Frontier Field in Rochester , NY. Andre Reed was signing pregame and we got there later than I wanted to so my game plan to get Chase d'Arnaud on an official ball was not to be. Right after we went through the Andre Reed line we went off to our " spots ". My son was able to get a bunch of the Yankees on his team ball and Chloe and I were empty handed until a player for the Indians who I believe was Jeff Clement tossed a ball to a teenager and then saw little Chloe standing there so he turned back to get her a ball and the teen had just handed it to Chloe..So again , Mr. Clement tossed the ball to the teen for him to have..Great guys and many thanks to both of them.
I am interested in how these trades go down as far as do you look at the actual card value(s) or do you just throw cards of interest at the person? My problem is I don't want to offend or come off as trying to scam a better deal. I realize if I want an auto or relic card it will be more but is it based on the value the magazine puts on it? Once i get my feet deeper into this blog , I hope to start doing some trades.
 The teams I follow are Miami Dolphins , New Jersey Devils , NY Knicks and Mets. To be honest , Ever since the Knicks failed in achieving a championship , my heart has not been in it. I am a huge Patrick Ewing fan and I hope that he one day gets a head coaching job. Not saying he is the next Pat Riley or Phil Jackson but I would love to see a man who has had the tutelage of Don Nelson , Pat Riley , Jeff Van Gundy and Rick Pitino.
Baseball , yeah I am a Mets fan but it's becoming more of an individual sport to me. What I mean is this , I am reading about players who are interacting with fans more so than ever. Maybe it was the nice note from Virgil Trucks , maybe the reply from Bob Boone , Bob Doerr , the posts from all the others that gives me the sense of how good this sport is.I sit here and read 30 Year Old Cardboard go into detail on why a Jim Palmer card looks so awesome. ( its the old time oriole bird logo ) And I agree.. William @ Foul Bunt keeping us informed of the health of Mr Trucks. Drew's Cards , Fantastic Catch , Eutaw Street Cardboard , Their are way too many to name and I do read them ,  What I am saying is I am toe deep in a hobby that is exploding with allot of good things. My fear is only that of why I left it in the 90's.
 Thanks for reading and Hope you enjoyed.

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  1. I usually just email whomever I want to trade with and ask them what it would take to land whatever card I'm asking for. Most will do below book value, I think. What you really should do is just ask, it never hurts.